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Climate Data Historical

Ukraine has a mostly temperate climate, with the exception of the Southern Coast of Crimea which has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The country enjoys sufficient amount of sunshine and year-round rainfall, highly concentrated during the summer months (May to August)Rainfall is highly varied depending upon area of the country and seasonal variation patterns. Ukraine is at risk for an increase in temperature and increasingly variable precipitation patterns with an expected decrease for some areas of the country.


  • Ukraine has an annual mean temperature of 7-9°C.
  • Mean summer temperatures (May to August) range from less than 18°C to 22°C.
  • Mean winter (December to March) temperatures range from -4.8°С to 2°C.
  • Ukraine typically experiences colder temperatures in the north and eastern parts of the country and warmer temperatures in the south.


  • Precipitation falls predominately in summer to fall months, with June and July typically having the highest rainfall (67mm).  
  • The country receives an annual average rainfall of 553mm.

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