Climate Risk Country Profiles

CCKP’s Climate Risk Country Profiles present a high-level assessment of physical climate risks for a country, providing insight for decision-makers into the potential for increasing, expanding, and emerging risks across space and time, and for different climate futures. Projected climate data is derived from CMIP5, the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, Phase 5. The CMIP efforts are overseen by the World Climate Research Program, which supports the coordination for the production of global and regional climate model compilations that advance scientific understanding of the multi-scale dynamic interactions between the natural and social systems affecting climate. The CMIP Collection used to inform each profile is listed by each country.

Country Profiles are produced on a rolling basis and updated to reflect the latest science and information available. Older profiles can be found via: Archived Profiles

East Asia & Pacific
Cambodia (CMIP6)
Cook Islands (CMIP5)
Fiji (CMIP5)
Indonesia (CMIP5)
Kiribati (CMIP5)
Malaysia (CMIP5)
Mongolia (CMIP5)
Nauru (CMIP5)
Palau (CMIP5)
Philippines (CMIP5)
Samoa (CMIP5)
Thailand (CMIP5)
Timor-Leste (CMIP5)
Tonga (CMIP5)
Tuvalu (CMIP5)
Vanuatu (CMIP5)
Vietnam (CMIP5)
Europe & Central Asia
Albania (CMIP5)
Armenia (CMIP5)
Azerbaijan (CMIP5)
Bulgaria (CMIP5)
Croatia (CMIP5)
Georgia (CMIP5)
Kazakhstan (CMIP5)
Tajikistan (CMIP5)
Turkmenistan (CMIP5)
Uzbekistan (CMIP5)
Latin America & Caribbean
Argentina (CMIP5)
Brazil (CMIP5)
Chile (CMIP5)
Colombia (CMIP6)
Costa Rica (CMIP5)
Ecuador (CMIP5)
Mexico (CMIP6)
Panama (CMIP6)
Paraguay (CMIP5)
Middle East & North Africa
Djibouti (CMIP6)
Tunisia (CMIP5)
Yemen, Rep. (CMIP6)
South Asia
Afghanistan (CMIP5)
Bangladesh (CMIP6)
Bhutan (CMIP5)
Maldives (CMIP5)
Nepal (CMIP5)
Pakistan (CMIP5)
Sri Lanka (CMIP5)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Botswana (CMIP5)
Eswatini (CMIP5)
Ethiopia (CMIP5)
Gabon (CMIP5)
Ghana (CMIP5)
Kenya (CMIP5)
Lesotho (CMIP5)
Liberia (CMIP6)
Namibia (CMIP5)
Nigeria (CMIP5)
Rwanda (CMIP5)
South Africa (CMIP5)
Togo (CMIP5)
Uganda (CMIP5)
Zimbabwe (CMIP5)