Current Climate


This page presents Grenada's climate context for the current climatology, 1991-2020, derived from observed, historical data. Information should be used to build a strong understanding of current climate conditions in order to appreciate future climate scenarios and projected change. You can visualize data for the current climatology through spatial variation, the seasonal cycle, or as a time series. Analysis is available for both annual and seasonal data. Data presentation defaults to national-scale aggregation, however sub-national data aggregations can be accessed by clicking within a country, on a sub-national unit.  Other historical climatologies can be selected from the Time Period dropdown list. 

Observed, historical data is produced by the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of University of East Anglia. Data is presented at a 0.5º x 0.5º (50km x 50km) resolution.

As a result of its location close to the equator and a strong marine influence, the climate of tri-state
Grenada is characterized by high and relatively unchanging temperatures year-round, as well as a
dry season that lasts from January to May and a wet season that lasts from June to December. The annual average temperature in Grenada is around 25°C, with a small variation (one degree) at annual seasonal cycle. The mean maximum temperature is 31.4°C while the mean minimum is 24.0°C.  Annual rainfall ranges from 750 to 1400 mm. The dry season typically runs from January to May and the rainy season from June to December. Carriacou and Petit Martinique generally receive lower levels of rainfall and during the dry season can experience severe drought conditions.


  • Decadal trends show that temperatures have risen steadily over time, with the 2000s being the hottest decade on record.


  • There has been a change in the amount of rainfall observed throughout the year, especially during the late wet season.
  • There has also been a fluctuation in the number and timing of rainfall peaks throughout the year. 
  • In addition, the 1990’s have been the driest decade since 1986, as monthly rainfall was below 14 cm for majority of the rainy seasons.