Historical Hazards

St. Kitts and Nevis is most vulnerable to cyclones and hurricanes (and the resulting storm surge), floods, and droughts. The country lies on the southern edge of the Atlantic hurricane belt where tropical cyclones occur throughout August, September and October. Climate change has the potential to result in changes in hurricane frequency and intensity which will have countrywide social and economic implications.       

This section allows you to explore the susceptibility of livelihoods and natural systems to impacts of climate variability and change and facilitate the exploration of socioeconomic and development data and its relationships with natural hazards vulnerable areas. 

Natural Hazard Statistics

The charts provide overview of the most frequent natural disaster in a given country and understand the impacts of those disasters on human populations.


Climate change is now recognized to have a significant impact on disaster management efforts and pose a significant threat to the efforts to meet the growing needs of the most vulnerable populations. The demands of disaster risk management are such that concise, clear, and reliable information is crucial. The information presented here offers insight into the frequency, impact and occurrence of natural hazards.