Climate Projections

Mean Projections Expert

The Mean Projections – Expert page, offers an expanded suite of indicators for deeper and broader analysis into future climate scenarios and potential risks due to changing climates. Indicators can be investigated either as a multi-model ensemble or by model. It is important to recognize that individual models can have substantial bias and care should be taken in conducting analysis. The number of available models may vary for different climate indicators as some modeling groups did not, for example, report humidity, pressure, or wind fields on a daily basis and thus not all indicators could be computed with all models. It is strongly recommended that analysis relies upon multi-model ensembles, unless there is a strong understanding of the underlying assumptions and biases of an individual model. All data continues to be offered as mean or anomaly and for both national and sub-national aggregations. 

This page offers our full collection of CMIP6 data. We continue to add new, additional indicators as they are produced and as appropriate. 

CMIP6 data is presented at a 1.0º x 1.0º (100km x 100km) resolution. 

Multi-model Ensemble Range: :