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Impacts Agriculture

Agricultural operations in Fiji have been transitioning away from subsistence operations and towards large-scale/high-intensity farming. However, smaller farming operations remain on Fiji’s islands and are likely to be the least resilient to potential climate changes due to their limited adaptive capacity. Key crops include coconut, sugarcane, vegetables and root crops, alongside livestock rearing. Fiji’s Second National Communication in 2014 reports a negative outlook for some key crops, notably sugarcane, but the cited research is based on outdated climate projections. While some yield gains are projected as a result of increased atmospheric CO2­ levels those gains are threatened by potential increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme events, particularly heatwaves, and potentially drought and extreme rainfall. At a crop specific level the projected increase in average daily maximum temperatures may cause heat stress which impacts on yields, particularly when temperatures exceed optimal levels during growing seasons. Rising sea-levels are expected to increase the incidence of saline-intrusion into soils and groundwater, and more intense precipitation events may exacerbate soil erosion and associated nutrient losses.

This section provides insights into the climate change impacts on agricultural productivity indicators and the trends in agriculture related socio-economic indicators.


Data presented under Historical Climate Conditions are reanalysis products derived from ERA5-Land data. ERA5-Land is a global land-surface dataset at 9 km resolution, consistent with atmospheric data from the ERA5 reanalysis from 1950 onward. Climate reanalyses combine past observations with models to generate consistent time series of multiple climate variables. They provide a comprehensive description of the observed climate as it has evolved during recent decades, on 3D grids at sub-daily intervals. 

This data has been collected, aggregated and processed by the Climate Resilience Cluster of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD) initiative.

% change of crop yield projections
< -60% > 80%
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